Aerial Photography

!cid_part1_07000900_03060106@cablelynxLong before he became a pilot, Bill Hedrick was doing aerial photography. His lifelong dream of being a pilot and owning his own airplane was finally realized in 1994 and aerial photography has become one of his specialties. However, unlike most other aerial photographers who can only do “oblique” (out the window) aerial photos, Bill Hedrick also has a special system mounted in the belly of the aircraft for taking “vertical” (straight down, “satellite-view” w/link) aerial photos.


VerticalTempIn addition to this, he has developed a unique system for producing “aerial mosaic” images of large tracts of land, from compiling a series of overlapping vertical images using global positioning system and sophisticated software to “stitch” them together for an extremely high-resolution image with incredible detail.

Again, unlike other commercial photographers who charge royalty fees on the use of each image, you have complete copyright privileges on all images received from an assignment, all for a single fee.